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Find php config path in server --with-php-config=


May 18, 2016
There are several ways to find php-config file path to install PECL or PEAR application in your server.

You can use basic LINUX find command find / -name php-config

Mostly php-config file will be stored in your php installed directory. For example it will be in /usr/local/ directory.

You can choose the right path by selecting --with-php-config= along with the file path /www/server/php/74/bin/php-config

that could be --with-php-config=/www/server/php/74/bin/php-config

In my server i have php installed in /www/server/php/74/ directory. For your server it will vary based on your installation.

If you don't have shell to your server, you can use PHPINFO method to location the configuration directory in the documentation.
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