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Moving to HTTPS is good or bad?


May 18, 2016
Google recently made lot of updates in its search algorithm update. But they disclosed few updates only for public and most of them never got disclosed.

Myself ( i own few websites ) and my friends website, they all used to have a good traffic for few years and months and once i/them moved to https.. Its all gone. 

I asked for help in google forum and other seo webmasters. But nothing helping, no htmls errors, no https redirect errors and nothing.

Everything perfect. it took 4 weeks to move all our http links to https. Google announcement that they provide rank boost for https website, its just a big black monstrous lie. 

Who gets benefits from moving to HTTPS.

1. News websites

2. E-commerce websites

3. Websites which collects bank details or card details.

Note : Moving to https is risk and do not try right now. Google is testing things and it can roll back if they get lot of issues in https.


1. You have to update all your back-links to https.

2. You never get any authority flow from your http to http sites. 

3. Moving to https is like buying a new website and trying to get traffic to it.
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