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Discussion in 'Submit your Website for Review' started by Charan, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Charan

    Charan Administrator Staff Member

    I have created a new Website a Supply chain Forum website. I would like some suggestions and tips for my website to attract more traffic :)
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Well, i see :) your domain is very new and using forum :). You got to focus on more content and try to create more useful topics for users.

    You have created a facebook, twitter pages too. Make sure you create google + and add more youtube videos in channels. These social networks help you to get more new users to the website.

    The internal page link is more effective nowadays. So when you create a new forum topic or something new based on your business. Always link your old thread based on keywords and topics.
  3. Charan

    Charan Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you working on it ! ...thanks for the tip ..:)

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