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Search for a physical product ranks Amazon number one, in spite of not offering the best user experi


May 18, 2016
Search for a physical product ranks Amazon number one, in spite of not offering the best user experience. What they have done to prevent large corporations from dominating search engine results?

Generally, one has to accept the fact that Amazon has relatively good user experience. Though, it is not necessary to accept that Amazon always ranks number one for every physical product.
For an instance, when one search for a book, Amazon is up there. But if there is an official homepage for a book, it ranks well and maybe number one as well. But an acceptable fact is, not every book has homepage. It still wonders me. 
Every author will have their own web page, but they will not have a dedicated page for that particular book. It's just a lack of savoriness.

When I searched for Mrs. Byrne's

Dictionary of Unsual, Obscure and Preposterous Words, there was no content about it on the web except on Amazon or Goodreads or Google eBooks. The best answer is to ensure that there is an actual page for the product.
Generally, Google tries to find out what are the official homepages. If it be for governments or universities or states or whatever. And Google tries to ensure that they return those when possible. 
Google minds about it when users do a search and they complain to them. If users complain about not finding the actual homepage for the product, then Google takes this into account. 
Generally, Google looks at the number of links, content of the page and if one specific webpage can get a lot of links, because visitors think it's a great site, then it relatively ranks well. 
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