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What impact do site load times have on Google rankings?


May 18, 2016
What impact do site load times have on Google rankings?

ctually, it can be answered in two ways, like in a short and long manner. The short answer is, at present, it does not have any impact. 

If a site takes long time to load that Google can't even bring it, Googlebot can't even get a copy of it, then it will have impact on your rankings, as it is essentially timing out. If your site takes like, 20 or 30 seconds to respond to requests, then it's really a big deal.

But if a site takes one second versus two seconds, which will have no impact on Google's rankings.

A little long answer is, according to Larry Page, the web should be really faster just as a magazine, where one can turn the page, when they are ready for the next one. Chrome was built with the motive to make the web really fast with a good experience and performance. 

So, for now, site load times have no impact on Google rankings, but who knows what the future might bring. If I make a guess about it, Google would want the web to be much faster and they would be thinking about encouraging people to make their sites faster. 

If your site is faster, visitors will be happy about it and they will visit or use your site frequently. So, it is interesting that Google wants the web to be fast and wants sites to load quickly.
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