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What is the power of keyword domains? And what kind of domain one can go for?


May 18, 2016
What is the power of keyword domains? And what kind of domain one can go for? 

If one is registering a new domain name, they wish to compete in particular niche within SEO. So one can opt for two different strategies.

One can opt for brandable names such as Twitter, Tumblr, etc. People will remember these kind of names  without having keywords in the domain name. 

Otherwise one can opt for the keywords in the domain name. For an instance, dressshoponline.org or dressshoponline.net.  

People have acceptable reasons to  disagree to have keyword in the domain- laden domain or a domain which is not essential to have the keywords in it, but looks little brandable.

One can also be successful without having keywords in the domain. For example: Zynga, which does not have anything about socialising or gaming in the domain name. 

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo - these names are brandable, which one can remember instantly, tend not to be those keyword-laden domains.

If one wish to have keywords in the domain, they might have one benefit. That is, if you refer to the name of the business, you might link to it and then you might link to it with the same words that are in the keyword. 

Both options have possible good results, so one has to choose based on the goals and things one is interested in.

It is better to opt for brandable choice because, for an instance, if one have 15 sites relating Android and if you go for laden domains, they all have the word 'Android', it will seem weird and little hard to remember. So, brandable name will be easy to remember, which helps in coming back to the site. For example: Reddit has nothing about the news, still it has interesting social news.

If one wish to have a big success, choosing a little more brandable name will be the first positive move. 

Still, if you are in confusion, just take a look at the rankings and the weights that Google gives to keyword domains. Google gets complaints about giving little too much weight for keywords in domains.

So, Google is going to adjust mix a little bit and turning down within the algorithm. So it would not necessarily help you to have a domain with a lot of keywords in it.
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