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May 18, 2016
Will SEO still exist in 5 years?

Yes, Search Engine Optimisation will still exist in 5 years. Google tries to make a thing that one does not need to be an SEO expert. Actually, SEO helps in putting the best foot forward for your website. So, the notable fact is SEO is not spam. One can use several white hat techniques to do SEO.

Canonicalization helps in ensuring that all your URLs get the backlinks they demand, so that one do not have a lot of duplicate content.

There are so many things one can do as a search engine optimizer. SEO ensures that the site is represented well, have good impression. It is really beneficial for visitors. So, for the fact, SEO will definitely still exist in 5 years.

One must be aware that SEO should not turn to black hat techniques or illegal stuff, as it collapses the website, so that it will not be productive. People have to learn about white hat SEO, but need not to be an SEO expert. 

To learn about SEO, one can use webmaster console or other search engine's consoles. Google provides SEO starter guide, they will not do this, if they consider SEO does not have some value. 

So, it's a big YES, SEO will definitely be around in 5 years and that's a good thing.
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