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Does Google consider SEO to be spam?


May 18, 2016
Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

Google does not consider SEO to be spam. SEO stands for Search

Engine Optimization. It ensures that your pages are well represented within search engines.

There is a lot of things one can do as a search engine optimizer. One can ensure that your pages are crawlable and accessible. One want people to find them just by clicking on links. One need to ensure that people use the correct key words.

If one uses industry jargon or lingo, which is not well known, then a good SEO can help you find out the suitable keywords. One can think about usability and ensure that the design of the site is good. 

One can think about how to make the site faster. Google uses site speed as one of the factors to determine the search rankings. Making the site run faster, gives better user experience. 

SEO also helps in making better site architecture, the URL structure, the templates and such stuffs to maximize the return on investment. There is no wrong in these white hat methods. 

There are also some SEOs which try to employ black hat techniques, people that hack sites or key word stuff and repeating things or doing sneaky things with redirects. 

But Google's aim is to ensure that the best possible search results are given back. SEOs can help by co-operating and trying to help search engines find pages better. 

SEOs are highly useful, but they can also be misused and overdone. It's important to know that search engines are not smart as people so far. Google works on it. They are trying to find out what exactly people mean. They are trying to figure out synonyms, vocabulary and stemming, so that one need not to worry about the right word to search for what you want to find. 

Till then, SEOs can be helpful to people find what they are looking for via search engines. So Google does not consider SEO to be spam.
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