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Google has said that frequently updated pages get boosted in rankings (QDF), which favours blogs and


May 18, 2016
Google has said that frequently updated pages get boosted in rankings (QDF), which favours blogs and news sites over company sites, which have less reason to be updated often. How important of a signal is 'freshness'?

Actually, one has to understand the fact that if you are updating the page or blog often, this does not mean your page or blog should be ranked higher. So, you should not have the interpretation of freshness. 

Let's have the little flashback of what Andrei Broder said about the types of searches that people do. It could be navigational or informational or transactional. For an instance, navigational might be about HP or IBM, looking for home page. Informational might be about looking for how to do something like setting the default printer in Firefox. Transactional might be about shopping, looking for the products they wish to buy. 

But it's a very broad hierarchy. If  you dig down a bit, you might be able to see that people seek for something fresh. For example, if someone searches for just happened occasion, that would be QDF. This sort of event deserve freshness. 

Every query does not need freshness, just as if navigational or evergreen. People search for long form content and do more research. Then freshness factor will not be so much important. Google has over 200 signals which they use. One should not fall on the trap that they must definitely have fresh content. Therefore, they are going to alter some words on pages and byline date so that it seems fresh. It doesn't lead to higher rankings. 

If you are not in an area about news or sort of topic which needs fresh content, then you need not to worry about it. There is content, which evergreen, that lasts and stands the test of time. It is better to work on such articles rather than jumping on the lastest story. It is better not to worry about freshness. 

If you are writing about hot breaking gadget news, it is better to stay fresh and ensure content is relevant. You need not to re-write the pages or changing words on the page, just to seem fresh. 
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