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On what basis, Google change the title, it shows in the search depending on the query?


May 18, 2016
On what basis, Google change the title, it shows in the search depending on the query?

Usually, in case of choosing or deciding which title to show in the search result, Google searches for the concise description of the page, which must be related to the query. It is based on some aspects as follows: 

     * Google tries to find something which is relatively short. 

     * Google needs to have a better description of the page and also for the website that the page is on. 

     * Google should realize it is related to the query in some way. 

  So if the existing HTML title matches these aspects, then most often the default will be to use your title. So, it would exactly describe the page and the site. It would be related to the query. It would be relatively short. 

Now, if the existing title does not fit these aspects, then a user who types in something, and does not see anything relevant to the query and does not have any idea about the page, is less likely to select it. In these occasions, Google might dig deeper a bit and use content of the page, look at the links that point to the page and incorporate texts from those links, use the help of the Open Directory Project to find out the good title. 

But one has to remember that Google searches for the best title to help a user assess what they are looking for. If one want to monitor the title being shown, one cannot completely take a power on it, but they can try to expect what a user going to type. 

Just ensure that the title includes something about the query or the page, type of the site and also some context from the page, so that the user may know what they are going to see when they click it. 
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