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What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings?


May 18, 2016
What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings?

Keyword ranking means the position in the search result by searching particular keyword. Users will usually go for those web sites at first. Thus, it is vital important to handle your rankings and enhance them to fetch more visitors to your web site. 

Short way of explanation is, to do the keyword search in Google, scroll through the result to find yourself. 

There is an another way of explanation for this, which may seem little longer, but in fact that's the right one. Instead of concentrating on one specific trophy phase or two specific trophy phrases, one must think about all the other phrases, which will give the user's attraction towards the site. Instead of finding out your rank for that keyword, one must look at the server logs for the phrases, users are using to find out the website. Just by seeing the server logs, one can say those are the phrases, that they might be maximizing for. 

One must also look at the conversion rates. Whenever someone comes to your site, how often do they turn into a buyer or do whatever you want them to do. So it takes distinct things into the account, which includes the return on investment if you are buying ads or how you know, much does the snippet entice the people to click? How much is the title enticing the people to click? Is it something that is really useful for people?  In simple words, one should change the philosophy about ranking. One must see the whole constellation of phrases that they were ranked for in the server logs. 

One should question oneself like how to do little better in the phrases that they were already ranked for, what the conversion rate is, how to put the best profitable products in a way that the user can find it. Apart from focusing on ranking and a few small phrases, one should also look at the holistic picture by maximizing the effort you are putting in. One should start looking at, from much more comprehensive viewpoint, so that you will not miss anything which could be worth a lot more time. 
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