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What is the ideal keyword density?


May 18, 2016
What is the ideal keyword density?

At first, the term keyword density means the percentage of times a keyword or phrase mentioned on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. As per the terms of SEO, keyword density helps in finding out if a website is related to a specified keyword phrase. 

The way that modern search engines or particularly Google, are built is that the first time you mention a keyword. It's all about that word. If you say that keyword another time, it's still about that word. And if you go on repeating the same keyword over and over again, it does not help much. It will end up in diminishing returns. It is just an incremental advantage, but not so big. If you go on mentioning the keyword repeatedly, you will get caught in the danger of keyword stuffing or gibberish and such. 

The actual fact is, if you say a keyword for one or two times, it is definitely going to help in ranking. But it doesn't mean that when you say several times, it will help in rankings, necessarily. 

The best way to sort out this is to think about the keywords that you would like to have in the copy. And make it little bigger, which will help in working in a natural way rather than artificial way. It is recommended to read aloud to yourself or read to someone else or have someone else read it and find out if there is any odd thing in it. When you read through the copy and feel it seems natural and it is not going to annoy anyone, then you are on the right platform. 

If one try to get the same keyword on the page as many times as possible, it's just going to seem so fake. This is the niche where we try to say, instead of helping let it hurt a bit. 

In simple words, one must stop worrying about the keyword density, as it varies according to each area. It is based on what other sites are ranking it. There is no such thing as hard and fast rule at all for this. Ensure that the words presented in the page, sounds in a natural way. 
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